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2014-11 : Clip Tango 02 @ Heule

The video report of the Tango 02 performance at OC De Vonke in March 2014 is now available online!  Watch it here:


Special thanks to Bogdan Hoyaux (cameras), Marcos Palazessi (sound direction), the OC De Vonke (venue) and obviously to our musicians and the audience present that night!

2013-09 : Videoclip Tango 02 is out!

The first video clip of Tango 02 is available online!  Watch it here:

Special thanks to Olivier Pulinckx (camera and cutting), Ivan Georgiev (sound direction), Nick Pollefeyt (sound engineer), Luc Vankeirsbilck (logistics) and obviously to our musicians who collaborated with so much patience.

This clip promotes our show "Hoy como ayer" which you will all be able to watch and listen to in February and March 2014 in Hamont-Achel (B), Diepenbeek (B) en Kortrijk (B).  More information about these presentations is available on our concert agenda.

2013-02 : Tango 02 in "Podium" catalog of Flemish Government

logo podium

The show "Hoy como ayer" with the complete sextet as well as a variant with  trio (piano, bass and bandoneon) is recently adopted in the subsidized catalogue "Podium" by the Flemish Government. This implies that the Flemish Government is supporting recognized organizers in the payment of our concert fees.

Read the full description of the show.

2012-03 : Tango 02 wins "Choclo" Composition Prize

The Dutch tango magazine La Cadena presents in collaboration with the Academia de Tango (Amsterdam) the national composition contest for new dansable tango music, named "El Choclo".

The jury of the contest, chaired by Leo Vervelde (Codarts, Rotterdam), has evaluated the compositions that the participants had contributed anonymously. Tango 02 from Brussels was proclaimed the winner.

La Cadena wrote:
"Tango 02 represents a solid genre that refers to the sound of the Guardia Vieja by using the flute . The milonga 'Torbellino' uses original twists while maintaining the rocking milonga rhythm."

Tango 02 will now record the four tunes they contributed to the contest in a more professional manner:

  • Torbellino (milonga) written by Catherine Smet and arranged for the sexteto by Ignaas Vermeiren
  • Regreso (tango) written and arranged by Pato Lorente
  • Extension (vals) written and arranged by Pato Lorente
  • Detalle de calle (tango) written and arranged by Pato Lorente

The final recordings will be made available for download during 6 months from the contest's website http://www.choclo.nl and are posted on our Audio page.

Tango 02 will play those tunes live at a milonga on Saturday June 30st in the Academia de Tango
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 12
1017 RC Binnenstad Amsterdam
The Netherlands.
During that milonga the prize will be officially handed to Tango 02.

Tango 02 is very grateful to La Cadena for organizing this contest and to the four members of the jury for spending their time on listening to all the tunes and for debating amongst each other. They were:

  • Leo Vervelde, bandoneon player and main professor at Codarts
  • Peter Corvo, tango-dj
  • Juan Pablo Dobal, pianist
  • Lalo Díaz, dancer

In the end, Tango 02 thanks its musicians for the large efforst they made to compose, arrange, study and record the 4 tunes that were finally sent to the composition in due time.